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Shirts is the follow-up EP to Interesting Hobbies Club’s debut album The State of Being Here. A 5 track EP, this work is an encapsulation of the growth the band has made since its conception in terms of composition, production, and fluidity with genre. The opening track, "New York," is simple enough as wishing you were in New York City with your lover. This track leaves the listener longing to escape to a far-off city with the one they hold dear. This melancholic feeling is quickly cut off by the energetic entrance of the song "Leftover Pie," which is a take on the story of Bonnie & Clyde. We then give our indie take on Mazzy Star’s iconic "Look On Down From The Bridge," with gripping guitar and bass solos. The fourth track, "Eve," departs from our common genre, leaning more into bedroom pop. The midi drums combined with the vintage keys highlight this song as an outlier in the work, but nonetheless is an incredible display of the band’s musical dexterity. The EP concludes with "Conversations With Friends in My Head," a somber song that pays homage to the voices in our head, and is a representation of mental deterioration into madness. Not only is Shirts a display of the band’s growth, but will also serve as a foundation for the band’s future endeavors.

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